Holidays to feel good immersed in nature and kindness

Dear friends and guests who will choose our hotel,
a smiling welcome from Azalea!

The Summer just passed we dedicated it to the great adventure of restarting tourism and hospitality at COVID time, a period of great uncertainty, in the midst of a crisis that upset everyone’s lives and habits. However, it was an irreplaceable test and growth bench for all of us. We have managed to create a hospitality capable of making our guests feel calm and protecting them by applying the basic rules: hygiene, distance and protection, reducing the number of guests, to ensure larger spaces and applying all the rules provided for by the health protocols, of the Province of Trento.

Now close to the Winter season we face with a new challenge, with the pandemic numbers growing all over Europe, the restriction policies and the increasing uncertainty but we want to do tourism with our experience gained in generations and our passion.
In this further moment of shared uncertainty we are updating all the necessary and obligatory procedures and regulations to guarantee yours and our safety and above all your well-being during your holiday with us – this is our primary goal.
We also want to assure you that Trentino currently appears to be a non-risk area. We are also proud to announce that in October 2020, at the TTG Travel Experience in Rimini, TRENTINO WAS AWARDED FOR BEST REPUTATION AND BEST MANAGEMENT OF THE COVID-19 CRISIS.

We open the Winter on December 4th if it is possible or we hope for the Christmas time. We strongly believe that our small, discreet, quiet and colorful eco-sustainable hotel is for the characteristics of our structure, philosophy and holiday proposal the right place in which to spend days away from your home, capable of welcome you in peace, with very precise rules and practices but with a gentle, holistic approach focused on the well-being of the person where even the delicious cuisine based mainly on plants and biologicals plays an important role in investing in strengthening the immune system, essential for health give each of us. We have concrete proof. You can learn on vacation.

We have faith in our project and we count on the strength of our team!

The goal of this summer does not change and we want your perception to continue to be that of “how fine and quiet at Azalea”….

Quoting your opinions: “I come here  because I trust you, because I know you will take care of me.” Trust is the only thing that changes everything.

This will be  Azalea, blooming in  its winter dress:

– We have revised and further simplified the cancellation conditions, to make you feel free to decide about your holiday: you can cancel or modify your reservation free of charge up to 14 days before the arrival date.

– Further on we decided to reduce even more the hotel capacity,  to a maximum of 60 people seated, compared to 75 of the summer, which was already less than the total possible under normal conditions.

– All the Azalea staff will be obliged to wear masks, as will you in the common areas. Important will be: wash your hands and use the disinfectant gel available. Children under 6 won’t be required to wear a protection masks. The meter distance is a fixed rule. 

– The good digital practices adopted in the summer will remain:
check in and FiemmeEmotion card online. Menus and wines chosen personally, AZALEA EXPERIENCE program and our „Wellness treatments“ will arrive by email via Google Forms. This summer we noticed that our guests enjoyed choosing this way.

– The breakfast buffet every day will have a theme and a showcase through which you can choose what you like that will be served at the table. The possibility of breakfast in the room remains available.

– The evening buffet will be sometimes brought directly to the table with a personalized single dish. The choice of plant-based dishes will still be possible on sight.

– Our colorful and positive cuisine will be even more focused on strengthening the immune system, especially in this Winter.

– Azalea winter picnic will be the real surprise to eat comfortably in our living room, in the garden with gloves, sitting in front of a heating stove, a romantic candle or outdoors in the mountains in front of the white and silent landscape.

– The wellness centre becomes “private SPA” for exclusive use and upon reservation. We are considering whether to open it to a maximum of 5 people but only upon reservation.

– From this Winter, this is a novelty the precious holistic treatments practiced by our consultant Sheron aimed at feeling good, finding balance and self-perception in complete safety, will be practiced in the hotel.

– Outdoor weather, mountains, pure air, snow and nature. Snowshoe walking, meditative walks, to free your mind and enjoy beautiful views. We will show you routes that are never too crowded. Our consultant Cornelia will be happy to accompany you to the most unexplored places in Val di Fiemme. There will be a beautiful novelty called “forest bathing” immersion, intended as a walk in the forest beneficial for the mind and body.

– Yoga in the Casa Gialla guaranteeing the distance, safe,  only with reservation and with a maximum of 5 people.

– We are happy to be able to guarantee activities for children but only by reservation. Part of it will be outdoors like the fire dance. The other part will be in our small room and up to a maximum of 6 children. The space will be open at certain intervals to ensure proper cleaning and ventilation.

– Our ski storage is small and we prefer to allow there a maximum of 2 people inside.  We have thought of additional outdoor stations

– Our cleaning and hygiene has been done for many years with active microorganisms, we have now added the sanitizing hospital medical device based on alcohol, tea tree oil, eucalyptus and lemon and colloidal silver for the most exposed surfaces.

– The rooms are first of all aired and further sanitized with the steam engine, recommended and certified by the Civil Protection.

– The room keys will be delivered in an envelope and will be yours for the entire period of the holiday together with a small gift related to disinfection: mini sanitizing gel produced in the Cavalese district from heated plants, with pure Fiemme spruce essential oil (with needles discarded from wood processing) and tea tree or a stick of Palo Santo wood with magical properties to ward off evil spirits or drops of echinacea and propose immunostimulants

– For the safety of all of us with regard to information on training and protocols, our chef Paola is always the contact person for anti-COVID19 regulations and rules.

If you would like some further advice to better understand how to organize your Winter holiday, we are always available to book your favorite room. Write to our Whatsapp number (+393665879954) or by sending an email to

To be more comfortable and warmer our advice is
Bring your own slippers to use in the hotel to feel at home.
Bring some books or a deck of cards or a board game from home.
Bring your favorite blanket to enjoy the snow under the heat lamp in the garden.
For yoga we have mats that we sanitize after use but if you have space in your suitcase, bring your own.

We await you with joy,  lot of commitment, as much passion and serenity we are able to!

Family – Simona Uberto (@simonaunerto)


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